Why do I want to have attention?

Why do I want to have attention?

How do I start this? So in the beggining of the year, I told my friends I cut (it was small cuts), and two months later my other friend told us (its us four) that shes bulimic.

About a month later, my other friend started to eat less and less. Then she told us she was bulimic too. She became anorexic and wouldnt eat (when she did she threw up right after). We tried to stop her and then all the teachers soon found out (obviously cause she always started crying in class and would never eat so they firgured out). She startes trying to cut and always talked about suicide as well. Everyone put attention on her (I dont know if i was mad or just wanted attention as well). She ended up going to this special hospital and left a month after.

So one day she did somehting absolutely TERRIBLE. She climbed over a fence (illigal) and had a pocket knife with her. We werent able to get in and she kept on smiling and wouldnt leave. I ended up calling the cops on her and when they came, she just pretended they werent there and she started playing soccer. She started posting really sad (and personal) statuses on facebook and told everyone she was at the hospital.

Not to be rude but I think she does it for attention (i know its wrong and i shouldnt think that). But at the same time I want the attention she gets. Is this wrong or something?

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